1. Is it Pretty? Does the home page do its job of getting you beyond it? Is there a compelling gestalt that results from the tension between artwork and text, color and readability, structure and spontaneity? Is there any mystery or apparent cleverness to hook the viewer? Does the site have a voice, or is it a faceless corporate shill? While you may not judge books by their covers, you will judge a web by its home page... it must rock or die.

2. A Web without Graphics is like Sex without Bodies. It works, but why bother when you can have it all? Do the graphics help you focus on the content or distract you from it? Do they work together or compete with each other? Are they original or do you see similar stuff smeared all over the web? Is graphical text used when html would look better? Are the graphics presented in their lowest possible file size?

3. Is What it Says Worth Saying? Do you have a message that others really want to hear? Does the content on this site contribute to helping anyone beside yourself becoming more wise and compassionate? Is the site bursting with cyberbabble? (welcome to my home page, this page is under construction, more about me, top 5% etc.) The beauty of the web is that you can put up a bunch of trash, and no one will find it.

4. Is it fun to Surf? Do the pages have a cascade of choices with lots of levels, or a bunch of neatly organized dead-ends? Is the navigation system inviting, intuitive, and leave the user feeling in control with lots of options, or does it frustrate, limit, and bore? Is there a balance between windowlessness and swiss cheese? (another words are there too few or too many off-site links?) Is there one world or lots of worlds contained within the site? Does the site point to sites equally or more compelling than its own?

5. Is there any Coolness? Are you using any new technology, or older stuff used in new and clever ways? Are there any sub-boomers (under 30 yrs old) that go, "kewwwl!" while looking at the pages? Can you see movies, play games, hear music, or be talked to in a human voice? Does the site really let you do anything useful? Can we view the whole site reasonably well with a 28.8? Are people tortured and forced to go get obscure plugins just to get in the door?

6. Is it Codeworthy? Is the html clean and legal as possible, and is it healthy for lots of browsers? Is there any good CGI or Java? (scripts or programs that respond to user actions). Are people getting crashed by sloppy scripts and stuck by non- implementing interfaces? Are there pages born to be viewed? (pages generated on the fly from a database) or is there nothing that gets personalized by user input?

7. Interactivity or Intractability? Can people contact other people on your pages? Does the site make the world more connected or more isolated? Can users find each other? Can you find the users? Can they find you? Does lots of emailing, or faxing, or listposting go on at the site? Is the site a part of the global conversation that defines life as we know it, or is it just a cyberbusiness card laying on the sidelines.

8. Linked or Lost? Is the site a treasure chest buried in cybersand with no netmap? Have any paths been made to the site from internet jugulars? If the links to and from a site are its lungs, does the site have pulmonary disease or is it breathing easy and rhythmically? Where do people discover that there is a site here to visit? Will they find other interesting sites to visit here or do the pages of the site point only to each other? Is the site getting fresh links, and having the dead ones pruned? Has the net and the non-net world been warned that the site exists?

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